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Thanks for popping in to my website, built with my own fair hands, (so any typos are mine!)

I like: pigeons; paint; pencils; riding my bike; those instant cappuccinos you can get; E.L.O; cutting stuff up; singing badly; my cat Teddy; camping and making things.

I work from my big messy room at the top of the house (which could really do with a good tidy up) and most of my images start with a drawing or a doodle which develops into a watercolour painting which gets scanned and cut up and moved around until, eventually, I'm happy with it :)

Previous clients include: Pedley Post Cards; Potters Herbal Remedies and Quarto Books.

Get in touch via my contact page if you'd like to know more. Bye for now x

Where it all starts ....
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